Areca Palm

About the areca palm

The areca palm is one of the most popular indoor palms grown as houseplants. Put it up in any corner of the room and watch the ambiance instantly improve. Numerous stems emerge from the base to produce graceful, arching fronds that look a little like bamboo.

Plant Type: Perennial palm Foliage Color: Green
Native to: Madagascar Tolerance: Some direct sunlight, heat
Hardiness (USDA Zone): 10-11 Soil Type: Organically rich
Exposure: Bright, indirect light Soil pH: 6.1-6.5
Planting Depth: Same as the root ball Soil Drainage: Well-draining
Time to Maturity: 09 – 10 years Uses: OfficePlant,
Height: 5-9 feet indoors (9-31 feet outdoors) Order: Arecales
Spread: 3 feet indoors (8-15 feet outdoors) Family: Arecaceae
Water Needs: Moderate Genus: Dypsis
Maintenance: Low Species: lutescens
Common Pests: Mealybugs, spider mites, whiteflies Common Diseases: Pink Rot

Uses and Benefits of Areca Palms

  • Absorbs Indoor Air-Pollutants
  • Increases Oxygen
  • Improve Indoor Humidity
  • Creates Positive Energy in Feng Shui
  • Low-Maintenance and Easy to Care
  • Beautifies the Interior
  • Easy to Propagate
  • Reduces Stress
  • Safe for Pets

Propagating Areca Palm Plant

There are two ways can propagate the areca palms plant:

  1. Propagated from seed
  2. Propagate through division

Repot Nursery Plants

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  • Remove the plant from the current grow pot.
  • Take another pot drain out of the bottom of the pot, then put it in your chosen location. and fill the pot up with one part sand, or peat, pine bark, and sand at a 6:1:3 ratio.
  • Remove the old potting mix.
  • Add your plant to a new pot.
  • Place the Areca palms into indirect sunlight
  • Do Watering the newly potted areca plant. Please don’t give too much water.


  • Drooping, cracked, or folding leaves indicates that the plant needs more water.
  • Brown fronds near the base are normal – just cut these away. Widespread brown leaves due to overwatering. Areca palms do not like sitting in cold, soggy compost.
  • Brown patches on leaves are due to sunburn. Move your plant out of direct sunlight.
  • Dull leaves means lost their shine due to the atmosphere isn’t humid enough. move to a shadier spot.

Advice for buying an areca palm

  • You must have the right spot in the home for an areca palm. It will need 2m tall and 1m wide space. It requires bright but indirect sunlight and humidity environment and needs regular watering
  • The areca palm is in good condition, with shiny, dark green leaves and leaf-tips, and no signs of pests.